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Why Online Education?

Online Education Works
Online institutions such as Nouveau Riche's SEEK are held to the same high academic standards as traditional universities. NRs commitment to institutional accountability, quality, and progressive educational ideas directly translates into a serious educational experience for students.

All courses are oriented to entrepreneurial and small business interests. Nouveau Riche is committed to implementing curriculum strategies that promote effective adult learning, keep pace with leading-edge business trends, and promote the use of adaptive information and critical thinking skills.

Online Education is Diverse
The learning environment of an online classroom gives you unbridled access to the world at large. In an online classroom, you meet students from around the globe who contribute their unique perspectives and backgrounds to your educational experience. Diverse career ambitions, professional knowledge, and entrepreneurial ideas shared in the classroom help you to develop an invaluable world view.

Online Education is Convenient
No more commuting to school. No extra time away from home or family. No waiting for other students to arrive before class can start. At NR, your education is integrated into your lifestyle not the other way around. You attend classes and complete schoolwork when convenient for you. If you need help, you can connect with experienced, practitioner faculty, helpful staff, and fellow students who can guide you through every step.

Online Education is Right for You

If you have been wondering whether or not this is right for you, Contact Us now to get more information about our program. We are confident that our online business program SEEK will fit your lifestyle and get you started on your path to endless possibilities.

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We are dedicated to educating our customers with the knowledge that they don't teach you in schools or by working as an employee.  Through the comfort of your own home you can learn today how to start your own business, develop it, market, and grow it into something both profitable and life changing.  If you have ever thought about starting your own business, have gotten tired of working for someone else, or just looking for tips from the professionals, you've come to the right place.